Luke and the tiger

A children's book about a boy

with the skin condition ichthyosis.

Luke and the tiger

A children's book about a boy with

the skin condition ichthyosis.

Children's book about ichthyosis: Luke and the tiger

Having special skin

Looking for a colourful and positive children's book about having special skin? Then read Luke and the tiger. Children with and without skin conditions love the story and want to know if Luke can solve the tiger's problem.

During the adventure of Luke and the tiger, children discover that Luke has the skin condition ichthyosis, but that he is not the only one with special skin. This children's book can make a skin condition approachable to discuss. But it is also just read by parents, teachers and grandparents to children without a skin condition.

The story

Luke wakes up in the middle of the night, because there is a tiger next to his bed. The tiger can't find her babies, and she asks Luke for help. During their adventure, Luke discovers that various animals have their own story regarding their skin, just like he has.

During his adventure, Luke notices that all animals have their own story about their skin, just like him. Luke talks about his skin condition ichthyosis. As a result, he has dry skin, has to moisturize often and finds it hard to sweat.

Would you like to read this colorful children's book?

Olifant uit kinderboek Joris en de tijger over de huidaandoening ichthyosis
Kinderboekenschrijver Jolien van der Geugten samen met haar zoon en het boek Joris en de tijger over de huidaandoening ichthyosis.
Jolien and her son

What's special about this story?

Jolien van der Geugten PhD, the author, is mother of a son with ichthyosis:

'When my son went to grade school, I was unable to find an inspirational story about his skin condition. I think this is very important, that my son can identify with a children's book, and that other children can learn about having special skin in an approachable way."

The message in this story is valuable for children with and without skin problems, as it will help them to understand each other better.

What readers say about Luke and the tiger

The story explains in a clear and playful way what it means to have ichthyosis. All important symptoms are included in the story.

I didn't tell my daughter it was about ichthyosis and her eyes lit up and she said, "Wait. I have ichthyosis too. We're the same?"

It's so well done, so thoughtful, so perfect.

This skin condition was unknown to me. This story is a very nice and easy way to get acquainted with it.

Joris op een springende tijger

For educational purposes

If a student is affected with any skin condition, including ichthyosis, it is often better to acknowledge this at whole-school community level as early as possible.

This book can encourage a natural conversation to happen within a classroom about difference (or unique beauty) and provide an opportunity for children to ask questions respectfully.

In fact, many parents and children enjoy being invited into the school or classroom to chat with the other students in order to explain what the skin condition is, how it affects the child and how they can support their new friend at school.

Children rarely come across someone who has similar skin to them and this can leave them feeling very isolated and different to their friends.

Having a storybook where the main character has ichthyosis, just like them, can be extremely beneficial in helping children not feel so alone.

Mandy Aldwin-Easton, Director Ichthyosis Support Group (UK)

Olifant uit kinderboek Joris en de tijger over de huidaandoening ichthyosis

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